Have you ever wanted to be in a secret club?


Join the Green Quince Secret Society

. . . you know, the kind of secret club where you would tell each other secrets and pinky swear not to tell? The kind where you would meet in a hidden treehouse, solve mysteries, sneak in chocolate, and pass encoded notes in class that no one else could read? (You can probably tell I grew up on a succession of Encyclopedia Brown, Babysitter’s Club, and Nancy Drew).

Well, this is your chance to join a grown-up version of a secret club: The Green Quince Secret Society! As a member you will get sneak previews of new designs before they hit the shop, special discounts that will never be released to the public, and fun e-mail surprises. You’ll be in my inner circle, and I pinky swear that I won’t tell your secrets.

To join, go to the sign-up page¬†and plug in your deets. I can’t wait to pass you top-secret notes when the teacher isn’t looking.



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