Friday Glitter and Why Dance Breaks Might Be the Most Important Part of Your Day



This week I flew off to Salt Lake City for a business conference with other female entrepreneurs to learn, fellowship, and even do a little dancing. I donned these glittery heels for a lively evening dance sess. Throughout the conference, there were little dance breaks built in, and I noticed that my attention was ultra-focused after each mini dance intermission. You know the afternoon doldrums that tend to hit hard when you’re sitting in a chair all day? Gone. My attention? Laser focused. The constant yawning? None of that.

It really got me thinking. There’s good research that says that breaks throughout your workday are really important for productivity. Plus, dancing has been shown to be good for brain health.So, will regular dance breaks sprinkled throughout the workday make us more productive, creative, and healthy? Based on my experience in the last few days, I’m going to venture a guess that that answer is “Yes!” Would you like to join me in this experiment?

Have a great weekend, and I’ll see you on the other side!



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